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Address by Dr. Eric Wu, Chairman of Glorious Melodies Consultancy Singapore

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Dr. Eric Wu's speech at the Mexican Congress on November 4, 2016

Dear Chairman of the World Honorary Doctorate Committee, esteemed members of the committee, and friends, good day to you all:

Today, I am honored to speak here and share with you the initiatives of our educational institution. We focus on Eastern culture and collaborate extensively with renowned global universities and international organizations to explore how the ancient yet ever-vibrant wisdom of the East can thrive in modern society. Our aim is to assist individuals and organizations in achieving success in complex and ever-changing environments.


Eastern culture, rooted in millennia of wisdom and philosophy, stands as the crystallization of human wisdom, laying the foundation for philosophy, art, science, and moral perspectives with its profound historical heritage and unique values. We believe that these cultural legacies belong not only to the East but also to all of humanity, representing invaluable treasures. In today's globalized world, they offer a distinctive perspective amidst the diverse needs and challenges of modern society. They help us find balance amid change, offering unique solutions and insights.

Firstly, in the business domain, the balance and harmony advocated by Eastern culture can assist modern enterprises in finding equilibrium between competition and cooperation, fostering the stable development of the global business environment. For example, Confucian ideals such as "cultivate oneself,regulate one’s family, manage an organization/country and bring peace to the world ",and “holy inside, kingly outside” can cultivate the integrity of entrepreneurs, reminding them of their original aspirations in entrepreneurship. 


Secondly, concerning family relationships, Eastern culture places importance on family harmony, as the saying goes, "harmony in the family leads to prosperity in the nation." The cultivation of leadership in entrepreneurs is inseparable from the refinement of family relationships. The sense of responsibility, mission, and inclusiveness inherent in Eastern culture offers effective strategies for addressing family issues in modern society, contributing to the establishment of healthier family structures.


At the level of social development, the collectivism spirit and emphasis on social responsibility in Eastern culture play an important role in promoting inclusive growth and social harmony for the common destiny of all humanity. The values of "harmony in diversity" and respect for diversity, advocated by Eastern culture, provide valuable guiding principles for international relations and coexistence of nations in the context of globalization. 


Additionally, the contribution of Eastern culture in the field of mental health cannot be overlooked, as it plays a significant role in enhancing quality of life and achieving abundance in both spiritual and material aspects. 


We hope to integrate the essence of Eastern culture with the needs of modern society, working together to explore and address the challenges facing the contemporary world. This entails promoting the development of various disciplines that are responsive to these needs, extending beyond just economics and academic research fields. It serves as a shared platform to foster global understanding and cooperation.


This is a long-term and challenging mission, but I firmly believe that through concerted efforts and effective international cooperation, the wisdom of Eastern culture will continue to make new and enduring contributions to the well-being of all humanity.


Thank you all! May we work in unity to realize this beautiful vision. 


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Address:#01-12 , 10 Winstedt Rd,(Block B),Singapore 227977

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