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Chinese Culture  Everlasting Classics

中华文化  经典永流传

Blue Miracle Institute (BMI) is a multimedia learning platform dedicated to delivering invaluable lessons constructed from ancient wisdom.
We meticulously unite contemporary technology and ancient knowledge, pragmatic practices and timeless philosophy, to help people transform their lives.
At BMI, we believe that the key to transforming our present is to understand the past.


Creating Prosperity In The Times Of Great Change

Five Business Courses




This is the humble beginning of our grand journey. We will continue to build bridges to connect people across languages, cultures, and geographic locations.

We envision a world where anyone, from anywhere can learn from the invaluable lessons of our shared humanity. Together, we will transform the future one lecture at a time.

Webinar Sharing


Dr. Eric Wu represents the new generation of young elites in China. He is determined to inherit and innovatively disseminate Chinese culture, learn from the past and the present, and integrate the best ideas from the East and the West to create a harmonious future that transcend national borders and races.

Dr.Wu, Teacher/ Scholar/Businessman/ Philanthropist

Meet Dr.Wu

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