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With a team of renown professionals from China, America, South Korea and Singapore. We curate various programmes ranging from moral education to healthy lifestyle for the yonger generations.

Yoga by the Sea


The Blue Healing' is our main solution which consists of tools, tips and studies of successful individuals from past to present. We incorporate Kumba Yoga, dietary therapy and others to give people a healthier, focus and stable body, mind and soul.

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Our business training programmes are highly raved and sought after. The high quality content ranging from marketing, brand management, financial analysis, team building, AI to big data are all presented by successful and famous founders or business owners from around the globe.

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​Our Records






Become Grand Master

BGM is a manifestation of our ideology, vision and mission. We have a series of diversified programmes that cater to the different needs of the youth today.

Our panel of teachers are from all over the world who are successful individuals of their own areas or with unique talents in the area of interest.

Having an international view is vital in today's world and we are preparing the yout for it. This makes our BGM a programme that will never be seen in all other instututes.



Dr. Eric Wu

On November 4, 2016, the Mexican Congress awarded him an honorary doctorate in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the use of Chinese traditional culture, especially in the field of youth education, and his continuous efforts for the happiness and prosperity of the world.



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Yuxuan Huang

Until a teacher taught me how to plant seeds in a reversed way, I started yoga, feeling love and peace flowing through my breath

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Zonglin Yang

Until a teacher taught me Six Steps to Gratitude,I began to replace violence with gratitude

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Kangjia Hong

Until a teacher taught me exchanging self and others.

I began to help more people find purpose for their lives, and my world also became wonderful.

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