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Feb 26 - March 13,2022


We Deliver Wisdom through the Exhibition and Education Around the World


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Blue Miracle Institute (BMI) is a multimedia learning platform dedicated to delivering invaluable lessons constructed from ancient wisdom.

We meticulously unite contemporary technology and ancient knowledge, pragmatic practices and timeless philosophy, to help people transform their lives.

At BMI, we believe that the key to transforming our present is to understand the past.

Become Grand Master


10,000 teenagers: the number of students we have trained over the course of less than 5 years.

In this modern era, lots of complicated and diversified issues are faced by the young people. Ranging from mental to the physical challenges that have affected many.

Parents on the other hand have little knowledge on these issues and have been using the same old, strict and guilt ridden approach on their kids.

Teenagers nowadays are full of potentials. They are clear of what they want, what they want to become and even who they want to talk to. This is the reason why every teenagers deserved a curated apprach to allow them to express and unleash their full potentials.

We aim to help all these teenagers with curated programmes that will benefit them in all areas. We hope to increase our enrollment target from year 2022 onwards to train more than 3,000 teenagers annually.


<Rhythmic NFT Club > CLUB Exhibition

This is an NFT art exhibition of 130 Korean artists belonging to the “Rhythmic NFT Club”.

From the NFT art collection jointly created by the club to the relay exhibition of individual artists ' individual works


Digital Product



Happiness to life

24 hours . time management. emotion management

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