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Master‘s and Doctoral Program in
Philosophy of Humanities and Management

Address by Dr. Eric Wu, Chairman of Glorious Melodies Consultancy Singapore

Dr. Eric Wu's speech at the Mexican Congress on November 4, 2016.

Dear Chairman of the World Honorary Doctorate Committee, esteemed members of the committee, and friends, good day to you all:

Today, I am honored to speak here and share with you the initiatives of our educational institution. We focus on Eastern culture and collaborate extensively with renowned global universities and international organizations to explore how the ancient yet ever-vibrant wisdom of the East can thrive in modern society. Our aim is to assist individuals and organizations in achieving success in complex and ever-changing environments.


Eastern culture, rooted in millennia of wisdom and philosophy, stands as the crystallization of human wisdom, laying the foundation for philosophy, art, science, and moral perspectives with its profound historical heritage and unique values. We believe that these cultural legacies belong not only to the East but also to all of humanity, representing invaluable treasures. In today's globalized world, they offer a distinctive perspective amidst the diverse needs and challenges of modern society. They help us find balance amid change, offering unique solutions and insights.

Firstly, in the business domain, the balance and harmony advocated by Eastern culture can assist modern enterprises in finding equilibrium between competition and cooperation, fostering the stable development of the global business environment. 


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The headquarter of GMC Singapore is located in the bustling commercial district of Orchard Road, known as a prime location. Situated amidst the hustle and bustle, it enjoys a tranquil environment and is adjacent to the campus of the Lasalle College of the Arts.
Collaborating with numerous internationally renowned professors, we bring together their rich teaching experience and academic achievements in various fields such as humanities, economics, business administration, and psychology.


The Beijing teaching base was established


The Xi'an, China teaching base was established.


On November 9, 2016, the Mexican Congress awarded the founder, Dr. Wu, an honorary doctorate in recognition of the institute's outstanding achievements in international youth education.

GMC established in Singapore
In May 2022, a five-year GMC Special Scholarship program was established in collaboration with Singapore Management University (SMU) to support and encourage the development of talents in AI and other technology fields.
In 2024, in collaboration with Brest Business School (BBS) in France, Master's and Doctoral Programs in Philosophy of Humanities and Management were launched in Singapore.

The students are distributed across mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Europe, the Americas, and several other regions.



Promotion of educational innovation in the global education landscape: GMC Singapore collaborates extensively with numerous internationally renowned universities.

As important members of ASEAN, mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea have significant geopolitical, economic, and cultural connections. Through in-depth collaboration with internationally renowned universities, we are pioneering a path of educational innovation. This represents a new educational concept—a fusion of advanced technology and humanistic spirit, blending traditional and modern educational methods in a unique way. By combining today's educational technology with the richest humanistic resources, we aim to create a diverse and interactive learning environment, fostering a rich learning experience that transcends geographical boundaries.

This environment not only enhances students' global perspectives but also inspires their innovative spirit and sense of mission to benefit all humanity. It enables them to face the ever-changing world with ease. Even in this era filled with extreme uncertainty, they will still be able to create their own paths, transcend from determinacy and seize opportunities amidst changes!

Collaborative projects between GMC Singapore and top universities worldwide include

Image by RUT MIIT
Master's and doctoral degree programs
Image by Iñaki del Olmo
Academic and cultural exchanges in humanities
Image by Darya Tryfanava
Joint establishment of research institutes

These projects aim to cultivate students with international competitiveness, equipping them with cross-cultural communication skills, technical proficiency, and the ability to innovate and lead on the global stage.

University Building
Joint establishment of research institutes
Image by RUT MIIT
Master's and doctoral degree programs
Discussion and color palette selection
Academic and cultural exchanges in humanities

Through these forward-thinking initiatives, we expect to shape a new generation of global leaders who excel not only academically but also play a critical role in addressing global social and economic challenges. While achieving success, they become role models and serve the world!

Establishment of Disciplines

GMC Singapore collaborates with internationally renowned universities to establish cooperation in the fields of master's and doctoral programs. The following disciplines will be offered successively


• Philosophy of Humanities and Management
• Humanities (East Asian philosophy/Yi studies/history)

• Cultural creativity (entertainment/film and       television/performance/directing/music, etc.)

• Social media

• K-pop

• Business administration

• Financial management

• AI

• Health and nutrition

• Spine and pain management

• Silver economy

• Linguistics (translation/foreign language)

GMC Singapore has specially launched the Entrepreneur Master's and Doctoral Program of the Elite University Alliance.

IMG_4262 拷贝.jpg

This plan not only focuses on educating students in business management skills and technological innovation but also emphasizes the cultivation of ethics and social responsibility to achieve common achievements in both material and spiritual realms, ultimately becoming role models and benefiting the world's welfare.



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